The Church of Ahriman

A Church of Transformation

Church of Ahriman

This Church believes that Ahriman is God! Angra Mainyu (Ahriman) is the God of Hell, Earth, and this Universe. Ahriman created the Peacock God known as Melek Taus. Father Ahriman was challenged to create something, and Father Ahriman destroyed an eagle to create a peacock and said, "I can create good things, but I choose not to!" This is a perfect example of free will and choice. Father Ahriman is the chaotic force that changes through destruction.

 Church of Ahriman is about freedom from any religion that chooses to bind you to some type of dogma the forces you to restrain your natural animal instincts.  They say desire and "sin" move you away from the ultimate consumer of souls through fire.  Ahura Mazda is the slave driver that forces laws onto mankind that completely against man's nature.  Only through spiritual and chaotic destruction of this enslavement, will one become spiritually free from not only mortal/ethical enslavement; include freedom from Atar which is the Holy Fire that will consume your soul to recharge Ahura Mazda.  The truest form of freedom is brought about by evil speech (blaspheme).  3 ways define the human existence: thought, speech, and action.  Knowing that mankind is judge off this paradigm, does it make sense to inhibit your animal desires because some "God" said they were evil?  No, the inhibition is to build internal pressure, like a teapot without a valve.  Upon death this gives the Ahuras (angels) that much more energy to consume as they live off of pain and blood.  Thus requiring sacrifice and becoming a martyr.

The Clergy of the Church are charged with helping those to break the chains of enslavement through education of logic, lesser magic, and Ritual Magic.  Once a person has gained the will to call the Evil Speech required to break the chains that bind, they are helped in understanding the true nature of "Hell."  The House of Lies has an opening in ridges of Mt Alburz, named Arezura.  This is where the 4 Watch Towers of Reality contain the chaos of the watery abyss that encompasses the god of chaos, Angra Mainyu.  Hell is a watery chaotic abyss filled with spiritual energy that has an ability to express its deepest regions onto mankind.  The fiery lake of damnation is in the House of Song, where screams of torment are mistaken as songs of praise.  Since Evil Speech separates mankind from God and predestines him to Hell and allows mankind freedom in this world and the next, why not choose freedom?  Choose Angra Mainyu, and become a natural animal of flesh once again.